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Truck - Auto/Vehicle Insurance
Auto / Vehicle Insurance
Small Business - Commercial / Business Insurance
Commercial / Business Insurance
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Farm Insurance
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Health / Medical Insurance
Rural House - Homeowners Insurance
Homeowners Insurance
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Life Insurance

Insurance is about service - from suggestions to questions and quotes to claims, we are here to provide the timely and sought after insurance services you deserve. The in-depth world of insurance can be complicated and frustrating; fortunately we are here to map it out for you. When you’re shopping for comparison quotes, seeking answers to your insurance questions, or need to file a claim, you can count on the trustworthy and experienced agents at Heinen Insurance Agency in Richmond, MN.

It’s About Protection – Providing the Coverage & Services Your Life Requires
Heinen Insurance Agency offers a wide selection of insurance protection to cover all your needs. As your life changes we are here to make sure your insurance coverage changes with it. Our goal is to assist you in maintaining peace of mind on a daily basis. You should feel confident when driving, protected when you’re away from home and secure even when the sun isn’t shining on your crops – let us oversee your auto, homeowners, and farm insurance policies. We provide all the coverage types and services you may need:
  • Auto / Vehicle Insurance
  • Commercial / Business Insurance
  • Farm Insurance
  • Health / Medical Insurance
It’s About Knowledge – What Happens If….
At Heinen Insurance Agency we want to provide you with the knowledge and resources you need when the unexpected occurs. So what happens if you hit a deer with your car? What happens if you become disabled and can’t work? What happens if a storm comes through and a tree falls on your house?

Find the answers to these questions and many more with help from Heinen Insurance Agency, the Insurance Information Institute and the Minnesota Department of Agriculture. Learn about the various types of homeowners, auto and health insurance coverage, find out what is and isn’t covered in the most standard polices and even learn about insurance myths.

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